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Butter has belonged to the staple foods for a long time. Hard to imagine a household without it. Whether spread on fresh bread, to enhance tasty dishes or as an indispensable baking ingredient: butter is an all-round talent in the kitchen.


Several production steps are necessary so that milk turns into delicious, lactose-free* butter. After the milk is transported from the milk producer to the dairy, the milk is purified via modern filtration processes before it is led into tanks for further processing. Parallel to this, the fat and protein content along with the number of bacteria are determined in the laboratory to ensure that only high-quality milk goes into the lactose-free* butter.

If all the test findings are acceptable, the lactose-free* milk is pumped into the separator. The separator deals with a kind of centrifuge that separates the fat and water contained in the milk at a high speed – that’s how cream and skimmed milk originate. In the next processing step the cream is heated to 90°C for 3 seconds to prolong its preservability. Once this has been concluded the cream comes into the buttermaking machine.

Very rapidly rotating cylinders churn the cream here. By doing so they break down the fat globules contained in the cream. That’s how butter originates, and buttermilk as a byproduct. The latter is no longer needed to produce lactose-free* butter and is drained off from the buttermaking machine. The butter now moves on to the kneading cylinder. The remaining liquid and the protein contained in the cream are blended together with the fat here, then kneaded to the point when a malleable butter mass arises.

This mass is now pressed into a strand and conveyed to the forming machine. It apportions the strand into identical pieces of butter. All that’s left now is for the pieces to be automatically packaged in foil. The lactose-free* butter is ready to set off on its journey from the dairy to the retailer and on to your breakfast table.

Roughly 20 kilograms of milk are required to produce one kilogram of lactose-free* butter.

* Laktose < 0,1 g / 100 g

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