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Does your heart throb for savoury cheese on bread? Tasty tomato & mozzarella salads Mediterranean-style, or do you prefer things baked au gratin? No problem at all – this lactose-free variety of cheeses offers the right one to suit any taste! Alongside classic cheese products suitable for slicing there are many other cheese delicacies: just perfect to enjoy as is, on bread, for baked toppings or cooking!

The longer a cheese ages, the less lactose it contains. This is because lactic acid bacteria convert the lactose into lactic acid as the cheese ripens. Particularly cheese varieties for slicing and hard cheeses, for instance Gouda, Emmentaler, Edam or parmesan, naturally contain a low percentage of lactose due to the longer ripening process. The MinusL range contains cheese varieties that are lactose-free due to natural ripening as well as varieties that have been specially made; in other words, lactose-free by adding enzymes.

Please note that products can vary in terms of their recipes and nutritional values. It is therefore possible that you receive commercially available products during transitional phases that bear the same product designation and optically identical packaging presentation yet contain and display either the new or the old recipe/nutritional values. The information made available to you online is updated by us with the greatest diligence on an ongoing basis and kept up to date. However, due to the abovementioned reason it can occur that the ingredients and nutritional values for a given product indicated here online differ from those on the product packaging.

This is the reason why all information listed on the product packaging is ultimately definitive and must be strictly observed. Especially people with allergies to foods should generally take note of the list of ingredients on a packaging. We highlight allergenic ingredients by setting them in bold type and underlining them on the list of ingredients.

If you are not sure about a product, please ask us about it. Remember that we need the following information from you: the precise product designation, the “best before” or “use by” date depending on the product, and also the specific lot number or batch code data when available.

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