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Lactose-free foods & beverages


Products left in their natural state such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, grains or water contain no lactose whatsoever. Yet even foodstuffs that contain less than 0.1 g lactose are designated as lactose-free. The following includes a selection of lactose-free foods & beverages*:

Food Category Suitable Products
Milk & dairy products Lactose-free milk & dairy products
Meat, sausage & fish Unprocessed meat & fish, unprocessed seafood, canned/tinned fish in water or oil
Eggs Eggs in natural form, fried egg
Fats Plant-based or vegetable oils, concentrated butter
Grains All varieties of grains, linseed, wheat bran, rice, noodles
Vegetables/potatoes Fresh or frozen vegetables (without sauces etc.), natural mushrooms, canned/tinned vegetables without additives, potatoes
Nuts/legumes All varieties of nuts, all varieties of legumes
Fruit Fresh or frozen fruit (natural), canned/tinned fruit without additives, fruit purée/compôte without additives, dried fruit
Sugar confectionery Honey, jams, jellies & marmelade, water ice/sorbet/“Italian ice”, pure jelly/jello, fruit candy/drops
Beverages Mineral water, pure fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks, all varieties of bagged tea, black coffee
Other Plain spices & herbs, vinegar, baking powder, yeast, sugar, salt

* This list serves as an orientational guide and merely contains a limited selection of lactose-free foodstuffs: there are numerous other foods & beverages with no lactose besides those listed above.

Dairy products become lactose-free by breaking down the lactose during the production process with the help of the lactase enzyme. A residual lactose content of less than 0.1 g / 100 g remains.


Foods that appear to be lactose-free at first glance may definitely contain lactose, after all. Lactose is frequently utilised in processed foods due to its technological attributes. As the carrier substance for flavourings, as binding agent or filler, lactose finds its way into foods where one initially wouldn’t expect to find it. Thanks to mandatory labelling, reading the list of ingredients provides certainty. For example, the following products* could contain lactose:

Foods Description
Bread / baked goods Varieties of breads & baked goods which were baked using milk, powdered milk, buttermilk or other dairy products; frozen cakes & pies; bread and cake mixes which contain milk, powdered milk or similar products; crispbread, cakes, waffles, biscuits, cookies & crackers
Ready-cooked meals All ready-cooked meals that contain lactose
Sausage products Sausages (e.g. boiled sausages), “Leberwurst” liver paté, reduced-fat sausage products, canned/tinned sausage
Instant products Instant soups, instant sauces, instant creams, mashed potato flakes, dumpling mix
Prepared sauces Gourmet sauces, grill sauces, mayonnaise
Confectionery Ice cream, dairy ice cream, toffees & caramels, candy bars/sweet bars, nougat, nut nougat cream, filled chocolates, chocolate, ready-made desserts
Other products Margarine products, spiced spreads, muesli mixes, spice blends, seasonings, mustard, ketchup, chips

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