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Lactose intolerance & diet

Lactose is a natural component in the milk from nearly all mammals. It occurs in dairy products in different quantities:

FoodsLactose in g per 100 g
Cow’s milkapprox. 4.8
Sheep’s milkapprox. 4.8
Goat’s milkapprox. 4.1
Yoghurtapprox. 3.2
Low-fat curd quarkapprox. 4.1
Creamapprox. 3.3
Cream cheeseapprox. 3.4
Camembertapprox. 0.1
Butterapprox. 0.6

As dairy products are a key supplier of nutrients in our diet, no one should make do without them. Lactose-free dairy products from MinusL provide the solution here: they are produced from perfectly normal cow’s milk. As a result they supply the full content of all the beneficial substances found in milk, for instance calcium, protein and vitamins. The only small yet decisive difference: they don’t contain any lactose*!

*The natural lactose content of milk is reduced from approx. 4.8 g / 100 ml to less than 0.1 g / 100 ml.


The wide-ranging selection of lactose-free products makes it easier to switch over to a lactose-free diet. Simply replace conventional dairy products with lactose-free alternatives. They are meanwhile available at any supermarket. The rule for a discomfort-free diet: Do the cooking yourself as often as possible using fresh foods.

With lactose-free products from MinusL you can cook and bake just like you do using conventional products, too.


Not only milk and dairy products contain lactose. Just one look at their lists of ingredients reveals that foods such as sweets, sausage or spice blends contain lactose. Our Shopping Planner helps further and additionally provides a comprehensive overview.

Product warnings such as “May contain traces of milk / lactose” must not be given due consideration in the case of lactose intolerance. As a rule such products are tolerated well.

To be absolutely sure that shopping remains lactose-free, attention should be paid to the following terms:

  • Powdered milk (whole milk and skimmed milk powders)
  • Whey, sweet whey
  • Whey powder (sweet and acid whey powder)
  • Whey products
  • Skimmed milk
  • Yoghurt (flakes)
  • Low-fat milk, low-fat yoghurt
  • Whipping cream, single cream (sour / sweet cream)
  • Powdered cream
  • Sugars / saccharides
  • Butter, butterfat
  • Chocolate


Travel despite a lactose intolerance – no problem with the right preparation ready & waiting. Starting with the flight and on to the holiday apartment or hotel: our tips make the journey a pleasurable experience!

  • Air travel: Airlines frequently offer lactose-free meals as well. Indicate your preference for lactose-free food when booking the flight.
  • Notify your holiday accommodations about your lactose intolerance on a timely basis. That way the kitchen can prepare itself appropriately.
  • Low-lactose dishes are often on the menu in holiday regions such as the Mediterranean countries, Asia or Africa. Lactose intolerance is widespread in these areas, one reason why most cooking is done lactose-free in their traditional cuisines.
  • At some hotels and youth hostels, in the meantime lactose-free milk and yoghurt have already become standard fare.
  • Avoid milk and dairy products that are not clearly labelled lactose-free. If you have any doubts, ask the staff.
  • At the salad bar/buffet: Choose oil & vinegar as your dressing instead of a yoghurt sauce.
  • For the main course: Choose fresh vegetables, rice, potatoes or noodles, then add freshly grilled fish or roasted meat, for example. When selecting sauces you should always ask first, because they could contain lactose.
  • Desserts and sweet dishes generally contain milk or cream. Recommended here is to opt for fresh fruit from the holiday region.

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